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Protect your eCommerce Site from JavaScript Injections

Scripts and services are endangering shopper data

Cyber security, also known as information technology security or electronic information security, is the practice of defending systems from malicious attacks. The term, cyber security, is applicable within a variety of contexts, from business systems to end-user devices.  

JavaScript injections remain one of the major causes of online attacks. Most of the vulnerable areas include search and login pages that return a response or an error message to the browser as well as comment fields that allow script tags.  

As cyber-attacks intensifythe need to provide service-level cyber security to protect eCommerce sites from vulnerabilities, prevent online fraud, and ensure data privacy increases. Therefore, iis imperative that companies do the following: 

  • Protect their eCommerce sites from online threats  
  • Protect their consumers personal information  
  • Prevent data loss and potential breaches on their sites 

Protect your site with SERVICE CTRL

YOTTAAs cloud-based security solution, SERVICE CTRL, is a client-side security application that protects against malicious scripts that run on our customers’ sites by using security policies within a controlled environmentSERVICE CTRL protects users’ PII data from being stolen and limits services to run on a page. 

Security Rules

SERVICE CTRL helps eCommerce brands: 

Build and Manage your Content Security Policy (CSP): SERVICE CTRL provides easy and flexible options to set up CSP policies at the root and sub- domain level of your site. Also, brands don’t need security experts to manage their CSP. SERVICE  CTRL simplifies the process to create and manage CSPs without custom code. 

Allow/Block Services:  SERVICE CTRL protects against malicious scripts that run on site
with Content Security Policy (CSP) 

Protect Forms:  SERVICE CTRL protects form data while also limiting services to run on a page, controlling access to forms, storage, and cookies  

Prevent Content Tampering:  SERVICE CTRL limits data scraping by whitelisting domains that interact with user information 

Prevent Data Breach:  SERVICE CTRL prevents data from being sent to unknown domains 

Alert on Attacks:  SERVICE CTRL notifies users about discrepancies/violations with dashboards, anomalies, and alerts 

With its multiple layers of security and the latest in client-side attack and prevention methods, SERVICE CTRL protects our clients from external vulnerabilities and attacks, providing the protection they need from attack vectors such as Magecart, form jacking, sensitive/PII data theft, cross-site scripting, customer hijacking, etc. 

Click here for a complete description of SERVICE CTRL’s functionality.