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Yottaa Launches Industry’s First eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Performance Index

New Index Rates The Best And Worst Performing eCommerce 3rd Parties

Waltham, MA—October 2, 2018—Yottaa, Inc., the leading cloud platform for accelerating eCommerce, today announced the publication of the eCommerce industry’s first index on the performance of 3rd party technologies used on online retail websites. The “2018 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index” is designed to help retailers research new technologies for their sites and understand the impact 3rd parties can have on overall site performance.

In order to provide rich, engaging online experiences for their shoppers, retailers are adding more and more 3rd party technologies, such as live chat, personalization, reviews, and social media, to their sites. According to Retail Systems Research (RSR), a leading eCommerce industry research group, the average retail website has between 40-60 3rd party technologies. Unfortunately, despite their many benefits, 3rd parties almost always slow down a site. For example, loading a single page on an eCommerce site with 40-60 3rd parties requires 300 calls to over 100 servers. As a result of heavier pages from 3rd parties, the average eCommerce site loads in 5.3 seconds on desktop and 8.2 seconds on mobile. Industry studies have proven that online shoppers will leave a site if it does not load within 3 seconds.

The 2018 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index examines the performance impact of the top 200 most widely adopted 3rd parties. Data for the index was collected over the course of a month (August 2018) from over 1,000 eCommerce websites using Yottaa’s eCommerce Acceleration Platform. Yottaa optimizes the speed and performance of eCommerce website pages, including 3rd party technologies, rich images, and other page elements. As a result, Yottaa has visibility into detailed performance data from over 700 3rd parties used on eCommerce sites. For each 3rd party technology listed in the index, a Performance Impact Rating (PIR) was created by adding the 3rd party’s performance violations and its delay page load violations together and then dividing by the number of page views of the site.

Key focus areas in the index report include:

  • The Impact of 3rd Parties on Web Performance
  • The Top 20 3rd Parties Deployed by Retailers
  • The Top 5 Offending 3rd Party Categories
  • The Top 200 3rd Party Performance Indicator Rating Index

“Online retailers are constantly struggling to find the right balance between fast site speed and engaging, full-featured online shopper experiences,” said Rich Stendardo, CEO of Yottaa. “Based on data collected from over 1,000 eCommerce sites, the 2018 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index provides retailers with a valuable benchmark for evaluating the potential impact of adding new 3rd party features to their sites. By using this index along with web optimization solutions, such as the Yottaa eCommerce Acceleration Platform, online retailers can improve both site speed and shopper experience resulting in higher online conversions.”

Click here to download the 2018 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index.

About Yottaa
Yottaa is the leading Cloud platform for accelerating eCommerce. Purpose-built to solve the website performance challenges retailers face today, Yottaa enables retailers to deliver content instantly across all devices, pages, and browsers, through advanced acceleration and 3rd party application sequencing. Leading retailers, such as Carter’s, The Container Store, Hallmark, eBags, Jockey, JoAnn Fabrics, and Rockport, have deployed Yottaa in a matter of days with zero code change to realize billions in incremental revenue. To learn more about how Yottaa can accelerate your eCommerce site and increase online conversions, please visit or follow @yottaa on Twitter.

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