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Yottaa Introduces Cloud-Based Firewall And Global DNS Service

New Yottaa capabilities give any website access to enterprise-grade traffic control

Velocity Conference, Santa Clara, Calif. – June 26, 2012 – Yottaa, Inc., the cloud performance and security company, announced today that it has added cloud-based firewall and global DNS to the Yottaa product suite. With this move, Yottaa extends its suite beyond performance optimization, and into reliability and security.

Yottaa Firewall is a cloud-based service that lets web operations teams throttle or block traffic. This helps prioritize “good” traffic (e.g., customers, site visitors, and important bots such as Googlebot and Bing web crawler), throttle less important traffic (e.g., other crawlers and bots) and completely block malicious traffic (hackers and annoying bots).

Yottaa DNS is a global IP Anycast-based DNS service. The enterprise-grade service, running in more than ten geographically distributed data centers, allows web operations teams to improve performance, security and reliability of their DNS infrastructure. Yottaa DNS balances requests across a customer’s entire web and cloud infrastructure across multiple servers, multiple data centers, and in the public cloud.

“Our new protection services are a radical re-think of Internet traffic processing,” said Coach Wei, CEO, Yottaa. “Yottaa’s cloud-based protection services are built from the ground-up to be as elastic, resilient and cost-effective as the cloud itself. And they share and learn from the collective intelligence acquired across the entire Internet, to grow better over time. With these additions to the Yottaa suite, Every business can now enjoy enterprise-grade speed, scale and security.”

Enterprise-Grade Traffic Control for Any Website

Traditionally, enterprise-grade DNS and firewall protection have been out of reach of most organizations. By incorporating these services in the Yottaa suite, Yottaa makes web performance and security accessible to everyone.

Next-Generation Protection Services for Cloud Apps

Until now, organizations hosting sites and applications in the cloud have had to either settle for the limited security protection options made available by their cloud providers, or attempt to build a custom security solution on their own. Yottaa now offers a third choice: enterprise-grade protection delivered as a cloud-based service.

Protection Service as Elastic and Adaptive as the Cloud Itself

Traditional firewalls are typically appliance-based, with fixed upfront capital costs, no elasticity and zero intelligence sharing. Yottaa’s cloud-based virtualized firewalls have no single point of failure, can scale to handle traffic spikes, and use patented learning technology to continually learn and improve performance over time.

About Yottaa

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