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Yottaa Granted Key Patent For Web Performance Optimization Technology

United States Patent and Trademark Office recognizes Yottaa’s Distributed Network Service for Traffic Processing and Optimization

Boston, MA – February 28, 2012 – Yottaa, Inc. , the web performance company, announced today that it has been issued patent number 8,112,471 B2 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its “Distributed Network Service for Traffic Processing and Web Performance Optimization (WPO).” The patent recognizes many of the innovations driving the success ofYottaa Site Speed Optimizer,   Yottaa CDN and the company’s Cloud Routing Network.

The patent relates to the company’s invention of a system and a method for website performance optimization and Internet traffic processing, and in particular to an intermediary system that optimizes requests directed to a website and responses originating from the website.

The Patent Office approved Yottaa’s claims covering a number of existing and future integrations including the use of, automation of, routing of and application of intelligent traffic routing and processing; optimization of browser processing and network communications; innovative usage of content delivery networks (CDN); and WPO techniques. Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer intelligently learns and applies the appropriate techniques based on website visitor location, browser, device, connection speed and other variables.

“This patent award is a recognition of Yottaa’s significant advantages over other approaches to improving web performance,” said Yottaa CEO Coach Wei. “The innovative approach to web performance optimization that we’ve implemented in our product allows us to ensure a consistently fast user experience regardless of where a site visitor may be, which technologies the primary web server is running, or what framework, platform or code is used to create the site’s pages. Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer, combined with integrated content delivery networks, is offered as an easy to use and easy to adopt service, and is ideal for dynamic sites that pull content from every corner of the Internet.”

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