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Yottaa Expert Eval – Web Performance Review

Each Friday Yottaa CTO Bob Buffone digs into the data and evaluates the web performance of a new website.  Recommend a site for next week?s Expert Eval in the comments below or @Yottaa on Twitter! #ExpertEval

ScoutStuff Ecommerce SiteThis week’s Expert Eval focuses on a retail site called,   the official e-commerce site of the Boy Scouts of America.  The site has really bad performance: you can see that the Yottaa Score is 2, and there are multiple timeouts from our monitors. (Our monitors only wait 2 minutes for a website to finish, so if a website takes longer than that, bad news.)  Put differently, supposing that a website should load under 3 seconds, the Scout site takes 40 times longer than is needed. -> Web Performance Assessment Overview

Performance Breakdown

(You can see the information we reference for yourself here.)

Taking a look at the waterfall diagram, it is easy to spot the problem.’s static asset load times are 20-50 seconds. This is far longer than optimal and is mostly a result of a shared hosting situation.

A solution to this problem would be to utilize a CDN like Yottaa’s CDN to offload the assets from’s infrastructure onto a global high performance cloud network. -> Web Performance Waterfall is an interesting performance case because some attention to performance has been applied with some well-known performance optimization techniques.  Further enhancements can be made, for example by utilizing a DataURI to optimize all of the small images.

Re-running the website’s performance test on you can see the same performance issues:

Also, you can see the performance of the data website using Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer and CDN:

The difference is quite dramatic.  The original loaded in 1-2 minutes, and the optimized version loads in 6 – 10 seconds. This performance improvement was achieved in less than a minute and required no configuration changes or software installs by the site owner. Further dramatic improvements to the site’s speed could be made by the site owner in the the Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer configuration panel.

Don?t forget to recommend a site for next week in the comments or on Twitter ? #ExpertEval

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