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Yottaa Customers See 41.5% Increase In Revenue This Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to be two of the biggest shopping days during the holiday season, with visitors coming from smartphones, tablets and desktops chasing down deals and looking for quick, easy purchases. The mobile revolution has created a challenge for businesses, as mobile users behave differently, access your site differently, and shop differently. Not to mention the growing number of tablet users, who have yet to be fully addressed. These growth areas have given companies a wide set of potential customers.

Here’s what we found this year: businesses with the ability to engage these shoppers are the ones who see the biggest financial results. Seems straightforward, right? But many businesses are missing out by not properly optimizing their eCommerce sites. Optimizing for faster mobile and web performance, minimizing site disruptions (including those that lead to costly downtime), and employing just-in-time content directly improves user engagement and, subsequently, the bottom line, something Yottaa customers saw this year.



During this 2013 shopping period, Yottaa customers had substantially better marketing and business metrics than the industry average. In addition to higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates and lower abandonment rates, our customers also saw a 6.3% higher average order size and, most remarkably, a 17.5% increase in revenue over a pre-Yottaa 2012 season.

To learn more about mobile and tablet shopping trends, industry averages for key marketing metrics, online traffic findings and 2014 predictions, download our free holiday findings report.

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