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What’s the Recipe for a “Mobile Moment”?

There’s been talk lately in digital marketing circles about the idea of the “mobile moment” — a targeted, timely web experience delivered through a mobile device.  Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, brands today have a massive new opportunity to win over users with relevant, helpful, or money-saving experiences. It’s a relatively untapped field with tons of potential for brands to surprise and delight users.

Some experiments in creating “mobile moments” have failed, but others have succeeded massively. In our recent whitepaper, The Mobile Moment: Captivating and Converting Consumers On-the-Go, we investigate case studies of these marketing initiatives, such as the ShopKick app and the Progressive Insurance claim app to find out why they work, and what makes them successful.

A Technical Recipe

Perhaps the biggest limitation in creating mobile moments is a technical one: how to deliver the experience to end users. These experiences are reliant on instantaneous performance, perfect timing, and flawless rendering.  On a mobile device, that’s a tall order.  Cell networks, even faster ones like 4G, are far from consistent, and the plethora of devices on the market means frustratingly different specifications.

Considering these challenges, it takes a particular recipe to execute. The development process must include:

  • Extensive real-user testing in an extensive variety of environments
  • Smart choices of features in order to keep the application light and fast
  • A constant eye on user preferences and desires
  • A keen awareness of cutting-edge techniques such as sequencing that dynamically deliver content for mobile devices.

And that’s just the beginning.  In our whitepaper, we take a deep dive into the development practices and technology that will take your brand’s mobile experience to a true “moment”. Download today!

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