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Welcoming Big Train Inc. to the Yottaa Family!


Big Train smoothiesJoin us in welcoming another new customer at Yottaa! Big Train Inc. has been providing the coffeehouse industry with signature beverage mixes for over 20 years.  Their mixes allow a barista (or you!) to create delicious iced and hot beverages in hundreds of flavors in seconds. The Yottaa team knows from experience – thanks for the big box o’ goodness Big Train!

Big Train recently made a transition into eCommerce
and revamped their website to focus on selling to both their traditional coffeehouse market as well as direct-to-cosumer. The redesign was a success, but their eCommerce Marketing Manager, Jim Wendt, figured he could improve conversions and traffic by speeding up his pages. Yottaa brought down page load time across the site by over 50% on both web and mobile; since then, Jim says, ?By having a faster website we’ve been able to increase conversion rates and more traffic than ever is coming to the site.?

For more from Jim and his experience with Yottaa, check out our case study with Big Train.


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