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[Webinar] The GoDaddy DNS Outage & How to Prevent Becoming a Victim

The GoDaddy outage of September 10th, 2012 brought down 45 million sites, drawing attention to the ?dirty little secret? of the hosting community: Even the world’s biggest hosting companies lack a world-class DNS infrastructure.

So what exactly happened, and how can your site avoid being a casualty of a DNS outage?

We at Yottaa are hosting a series of webinars to help you answer these questions, learn about DNS, understand the key risks and issues, and understand how to prevent being a victim of such an outage in the future.

Here’s a recording and slides from the webinar, covering:

    • What is DNS service, and its role in making the web work
    • The GoDaddy DNS Debacle: What happened and why
    • Key criteria for choosing a DNS provider
    • Free Global DNS Services

Who should view it: Business owners, web developers, and marketing professionals who want to improve their website’s scale, availability, and security.


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