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Webinar: How Fathead Increased Revenue For Its Mobile Presence

Retailers know that responsive web design (RWD) is a must-have in the age of the omni-channel consumer. But companies are still struggling to implement RWD for optimal performance and engagement, especially for mobile consumers. This was true for Fathead, the industry leader of graphics products for large & small spaces, which experienced slow mobile load times following a RWD initiative.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Jennifer Rademacher, CIO, Fathead and Michael Layne, Director of Internet Marketing, Fathead, as they discuss:

* How companies can implement a successful RWD initiative

* How Fathead developed an RWD strategy in conjunction with an adaptive CDN

* Fathead’s experience implementing and utilizing optimization technology to improve mobile user engagement

* Steps they took to increase revenue-per-visitor and time-to-interact, and reduce page load time and page weight

* How Fathead’s experience with RWD and adaptive CDN has changed its thinking as it develops a 2nd generation RWD site for 2015


Date: Thursday, April 16

Time: 12pm ET

Click here to hear the replay.

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