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The Value of the CIO in the Age of the Customer [Slideshare]

Customers are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to application development, and nobody understands this dawning “Age of the Customer” as comprehensively as a CIO.

One of the CIO’s responsibilities is to oversee the development of various applications that improve engagement and boost online sales, in accordance with the C-suite’s strategies. But as users are becoming increasingly mobile and are connected 24/7, traditional online customer experience strategies need to adapt. That’s why the CIO role is more valuable than ever: he or she is best equipped to marry cutting-edge technology with the business’s needs.

The Value of the CIO

CIOs have done their research. They know how users interact on an app, and how to best guide their buyer journey using technology. Because of this expertise, CIOs have the opportunity to take a big step forward and become more involved with the C-suite’s strategy development.

In our latest Slideshare presentation, we outline how CIOs can take advantage of this opportunity to step up and add even more value to their organization:

Ready to learn more?

In our ebook, “Hacking Value Delivery: The CIO and the Age of the Customer,” we include tips and exactly how CIOs can take advantage of “The Age of the Customer” to further add value to their organization. Download your free copy to start learning!

Hacking Value Delivery: The CIO and the Age of the Customer

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