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Site Performance & Shopify 2.0

Shopify Online Store 2.0, the new Shopify offering, is positioned to provide advanced customization opportunities for developers who build themes and apps for Shopify merchants. Shopify is rolling out the change as a major upgrade, with a host of new tools and features. At YOTTAA, of course, we are most concerned with how any new platform change will affect site performance 

How Will Shopify 2.0 Impact My Site Performance?  

We do not anticipate a significant negative impact from Shopify 2.0; nor do we expect that the improvements will increase site speed, since they do not affect 3rd parties. Rather, the advancements have to do with the modularity of themes that merchants can use to build online stores.  

Improving Site Performance for Shopify

Yottaa’s RAPID CTRL is still the best way to improve site performance. Our vast 3rd party library leverages machine learning to optimize and intelligently sequence the loading of all 3rd party apps for the most efficient page load time. YOTTAA diagnostic tools help troubleshoot Shopify site problem areas and target specific metrics like Core Web Vitals. As platforms change and improve, YOTTAA will be there to support our customers in consistently improving performance and conversion.  

As always, YOTTAA is here to help with regardless of changes to platforms, 3rd parties, and any other elements of complex eCommerce sites.  

Start here with a free site performance snapshot report to learn how your online store is performing.