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Recent Acquisitions in the CDN – Website Performance Market

This morning we were happy to see the news that Akamai Technologies acquired mobile website performance company Blaze Software.  The move represents progress in the CDN space, where web performance optimization is taking center stage in the quest for better web acceleration as we see it here at Yottaa.

Web performance matters a great deal for businesses and consumers.  At one time Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) were a good solution to the web performance issue?but now the Web has evolved, and CDNs have not.  The fact is, CDN technology has changed little since it was first introduced 15 years ago. 

We want to congratulate Akamai for acquiring Blaze Software, because it shows that they see the future of web acceleration is in optimization, wherein ?content delivery? is only a part.  Akamai?s acquisition comes less than a year after Limelight Networks acquired AcceloWeb, a similar web performance optimization company. All this activity means that it is evident where web performance is going – the future is “optimization”.

Traditional CDNs will be dead unless they make big changes and adapt to the modern web. Here at Yottaa we are focused on making the web perform better for all users – The problems are not solved and the Web is evolving rapidly. There are tremendous opportunities ahead for vendors, customers and consumers for a faster and better web.


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