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Online Application Performance: Audi Proves It’s All About Speed

German automotive giant Audi made waves this week with an impressive demonstration – the company debuted a driverless car. This is, of course, not the world’s first autonomous vehicle, but this week’s demonstration was different because the Audi was fast – really, really fast!

The 560 horsepower RS 7 sports sedan, powered by twin-turbocharged V8 engines, topped 149 MPH during a blazing lap around the famed Hockenheim racing circuit. For comparison, the same RS 7 piloted by a human driver took a full 5 seconds longer to complete the circuit.

Here’s why Audi’s RS 7 “piloted driving” demonstration matters – performance. The carmaker’s automated technology isn’t the first driverless system, but it is the first that can outperform a championship caliber race-car driver. Audi’s driverless wonder-car showcased precision and speed unattainable with a human pilot.

As it turns out, these principals – speed and precision – are also paramount for online application performance. Ironically, the traffic surge from online viewers crashed Audi’s website mid-demonstration. Just like supercars, applications must be finely tuned to outperform the competition.

How to Drive Your Website Really Fast Without Crashing:

  • Leverage a cloud-based delivery network to provide instant scale by offloading bandwidth to distributed points of presence
  • Tailor content on the fly to match the user’s consumption context and deliver only what?s needed – for instance your server shouldn’t have to send an end user anything “below the fold” unless it’s requested
  • Intelligently serve optimized and cached content from a cloud service to offload even more bandwidth

Yottaa architecture allows businesses to manage, optimize and secure end user experience in real time without requiring any infrastructure or application changes. In more basic terms, Yottaa technology enables applications to outperform and leave old content delivery systems choking on the exhaust.

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*Image Source: Audi YouTube
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