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Latest from Yottaa: Webinar recording, responsive design tips & more

Yottaa recently presented a webinar alongside Forrester Research Principal Analyst Peter Sheldon and Aldus Chapin, CEO of Distinctive Apparel.  They discussed conversion rate tips and things to avoid alongside our own Ari Weil, VP of Product.

sample content from the webinar
Some of the topics include:
  • The correlation between site performance and conversion rates – why fast matters
  • How “Ship From Store” can put an end to the “Out Of Stock” conversion killer
  • How shipping cost has become one of the top considerations for online shopping
  • Why community validation drives conversions

Retail Online Integration – “3 Mobile Site Optimization Tips”

  • Redirects contribute to slowing down page load times for top retailers, which results in fewer conversions
  • “39 percent of these e-retail mobile sites redirect users two or more times before loading. The sites with the most number of redirects – four or more – take, on average, 16 seconds to load.”
  • Ari Weil, Yottaa’s VP of Product shares tips to enhance mobile performance

Read the article here

1 to 1 Media – “Medical Supply Depot Ramps Up on Service Speed”

  • Meir Tsinman, owner of Medical Supply Depot, tells how he realized the value of page load time for his business
  • “One of the difficulties in running an online store is that people are impatient. They’re just a click away from your competitors and one of the biggest challenges for us has been the speed of our website.” -Meir Tsinman
  • Yottaa helped Medical Supply Depot cut their page load time in half, about 3 seconds

Read the article here

Tech Cheat Sheet – “Amazon’s Fire Phone: Will it Burn Online Retailers or Fizzle out?”

  • The big question is if the Amazon Fire Phone push struggling retail sites even deeper into a hole
  • “The debut of an Amazon-centric smartphone that won’t render many competitors’ sites correctly will likely be an additional blow to other mobile retailers that are already struggling to compete against Amazon on prices.”
  • Ari explains the gap between browsing for items on mobile and purchasing them on desktop devices. With an increase in page performance and context (location, device and network connectivity) results are immediately evident making a positive impact on revenue

Read the article here “Responsive Design Must Factor in User Experience”

  • Avoid the pitfalls of responsive design with some tips from Ari Weil, VP of Product
  • “While responsive design sites load faster on desktops and tablets, they can load at a snail’s pace on smartphones. A recent study conducted by Internet Retailer found that the average home page load time on smartphones running on 3G and 4G wireless speeds was nearly 20 seconds. “
  • Don’t compromise on user experience by using responsive design

Read the article here

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