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New Feature: Private Benchmarks


Today we released to production the ability to make your benchmarks private. Adding privacy to benchmarks was a user request we received January 16th via UserVoice (Thanks Duncan).  The image below shows the user’s benchmarks. Notice to the right of each benchmark the “[private | public]” label and the links “[make private | make public]”

Benchmarks that are marked private will not show up in any benchmark search and can’t be accessed by other users. Benchmarks are initially created as public so don’t mock your competition with a title -> “We kick XYZ ass!”, wait until after you mark it private to give it that name.

@yottaa, we have lots of big plans for 2011 and being more responsive to our user’s input is one thing we will be working hard to accomplish.  What would help you get more value out of Yottaa?

Bob (Buffone)


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