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Webinar: Measuring the Business Impact of your CDN


Adaptive CDNWeb application performance is critical for companies to achieve maximum online conversions. In order to ensure that their websites are performing at full efficiency, many enterprises have implemented adaptive CDN technologies, such as web and mobile optimization solutions, to optimize the user experience. However, it’s often hard for companies to analyze the effectiveness of these solutions in terms of how they add top-line business value to the enterprise.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of e-commerce & technology thought leaders on best practices to verify the immediate and long-term business value of your CDN and other web performance optimization investments. The panel will include:

Tom Large, Deputy CISO, VP of Information Systems, Prudential Financial

Tracy Corbo, Principal Research Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

George White, SVP, Innovation, Cantina Consulting

Ari Weil, Vice President of Product Marketing, Yottaa

Click here to listen to the recorded version of this webinar.


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