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MagnetStreet Standardizes On Yottaa To Evolve Faster And More Secure Customer Experiences On Web And Mobile

Online Stationery Company Engages Increasingly Mobile Audience with Optimized Web Performance Through Yottaa

Waltham, MA—January 20, 2016— Yottaa, the leading cloud platform for optimizing web and mobile applications, today announced that online retail company MagnetStreet has selected Yottaa to optimize, accelerate, and secure the company’s web application.

MagnetStreet is a family-owned, online stationery company that helps people and businesses create personalized announcements and promotional materials. In business for over twenty years, the company’s mission is to delight customers with exceptional care, exclusive designs, and creative freedom.

MagnetStreet’s web-based Design Studio empowers customers to freely customize products to their exact specifications. This level of detailed personalization requires large amounts of dynamic page content and high-resolution imagery. Despite an in-place legacy Content Delivery Network (CDN), the company’s IT team identified website performance degradations, as greater personalization and dynamic content were added to application pages. Moreover, increasing traffic, particularly from mobile device users, compounded performance setbacks, causing frustrated users to bounce from the site.

MagnetStreet replaced its CDN with Yottaa’s cloud application acceleration and security platform, utilizing the following Yottaa solutions:

  • AdaptiveCDN™ adds patented software to traditional delivery architectures enabling real-time management, more efficient load balancing, and traffic routing, and Origin Shield technology to obfuscate server infrastructure, thereby protecting it from attacks.
  • InstantON™ to accelerate the performance of dynamic pages and content, resulting in significantly faster page load times.
  • AppSequencing™, which was configured for MagnetStreet to manage 3rd party scripts, and, together with Yottaa’s ContextAgent™ in-browser library, implement responsive imaging – an optimization that loads images in response to visitor scrolling and clicking behavior.

Throughout the onboarding and Proof of Concept (POC) process, Yottaa’s ImpactAnalytics™ tools were implemented, including real-time streaming log analytics that provides actionable insight into visitor traffic, demographics, and behavior. This data was integrated with MagnetStreet’s ElasticSearch and Kibana-based SIEM toolset to ensure IT and Operations professionals had complete visibility and control over visitor traffic, application behavior, and infrastructure performance.

Yottaa emerged as an ideal solution to address MagnetStreet’s challenge – a multi-faceted platform with fully-integrated IT tools covering global delivery, real-time acceleration, edge, and browser-based security, and fully-integrated analytics. To test Yottaa’s impact on crucial business metrics, MagnetStreet leveraged ValidateIT™, a traffic-split methodology, to compare Yottaa-optimized pages against MagnetStreet’s existing implementation.

Yottaa outperformed MagnetStreet’s incumbent CDN by significant margins:

  • + 12% Faster Page Loads
  • + 7% Higher Visitor Engagement
  • + 13% Conversion Rate Boost

“Working with Yottaa, we were able to diagnose content delivery as only the start of the performance story at MagnetStreet. Due to the complex nature of our pages, real-time accelerations on a per-user basis are necessary to overcome latency challenges that affected our customer experience,” said Eric Schaberg, IT Director at MagnetStreet. “Yottaa was the only solution to clearly tie performance optimizations back to real business value, and additional security layers with Yottaa help to keep our customers and data safe.”

“MagnetStreet demonstrates the impact IT-driven customer experience initiatives can have on revenue generation for the modern online business,” said Vick Viren Vaishnavi, President, and CEO of Yottaa. “In today’s marketplace, leading enterprises like MagnetStreet are uniting IT and line-of-business processes to enhance shopping experiences for customers and grow profits. MagnetStreet’s enhanced customer experience through Yottaa has boosted its engagement with users by 7%, and consequently, MagnetStreet’s overall conversion rate has increased by 13%.”

About MagnetStreet
MagnetStreet is an online, full-service stationery store that helps people and businesses use personalized products to share their unique messages with others. We design and produce a variety of high-quality magnets, cards, and other printed stationery. Born inside the kitchen of its founder in 1991, our company has proudly grown into an award-winning, provider of trend-forward designs, advanced color printing, and innovative product solutions.

About Yottaa
Yottaa is the leading cloud platform for optimizing web and mobile applications. Through Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligence™ architecture, enterprises can manage, accelerate, and secure end-user experiences on all devices in real time with zero code change. Top Internet 500 businesses have adopted Yottaa’s platform to realize billions in incremental revenue through dramatic improvements across key performance and business metrics. To learn more about how Yottaa can maximize your users’ experience, please visit or follow @yottaa on Twitter.

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