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How Well Do You Understand eCommerce Mobile Performance?

In 2014, mobile commerce spending grew an impressive 47% making mobile the fastest-growing retail channel, by a long shot. This rapid growth has C-level eCommerce executives closely following the latest mobile trends, looking for any strategic advantage.

When mobile commerce was in its infancy, the main focus of an enterprise was to properly format online applications for the smaller viewports of smartphones and tablets. This process saw an evolution of strategies: from dedicated mobile websites (m.sites) to self-contained native mobile apps, and most recently, responsive and adaptive web design.

The dominance of the desktop has since given way to a mobile-first world, and it is no longer permissible for retailers to simply have a mobile solution in place. Instead, eCommerce professionals must tirelessly work to deliver exceptional shopping experiences for on-the-go modern consumers. A big part of an exceptional shopping experience is performance.

The Importance of eCommerce Mobile Performance

Mobile shoppers are a tough sell. Mobile users expect pages to load as fast, if not faster than on desktop. When a mobile user experience is lacking, the chance of conversion flies right out the window.

User Behavior When Frustrated by a Mobile Shopping Experience (Kissmetrics):

  • 29% wait 1 year before returning
  • 30% plan to never return
  • 43% immediately defect to a competitor

Mobile devices play an integral role throughout a buyer’s journey, especially in research and browsing, but consumers are still getting comfortable with making final purchases on phones and tablets. Thus, there exists a clear mobile gap: two-thirds of e-retail time is spent on mobile, however, mobile transactions lag well behind total eCommerce spending – 97% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned.

This gap demonstrates a clear opportunity for the eCommerce executive to optimize mobile shopping experiences and increase mCommerce revenue but it is not an easy task. Cutting-edge user experience strategies are necessary to do so. These highly targeted, timely experiences, known as “mobile moments”, are carefully crafted for the unique context of every user.

Mastering eCommerce mobile performance and the mobile moment is a challenge that requires adaptability and constant attention. Start with testing and talk to actual customers about their mobile shopping experiences on your application. Then, you can begin to understand how performance and user experience are impacting real-life users. Yottaa covered these topics and more in our latest customer webinar.

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