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How to Optimize Your Mobile User Experience for eCommerce

According to a Google report, 90% of mobile users use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time.

This is even more true in an eCommerce user’s buyer journey. Seventy-one percent of smartphone users shop via a mobile device. Does your online shopping experience translate well to mobile?

To accommodate these multi-device users, businesses must think beyond “desktop vs. mobile” and optimize digital experience holistically.

Optimize Your Entire Mobile Experience by Considering Your End User

It’s important to keep your end user in mind when developing your app. If users have trouble using your app on mobile, then they will have no trouble jumping to a competitor’s app. You want to ensure that your app is optimized for your buyers’ journey, and doesn’t cause then any issues in this journey.

In the webinar, “How to Optimize Your Entire Mobile Experience,” presented on 10/9/14, Yottaa’s Ari Weil joined Ryan Coates, a creative lead from the team of inbound marketing experts at IMPACT Branding and Design, to outline actionable steps for how to create a strong mobile experience for you online application’s end users.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How mobile responsiveness impacts conversion rates
  • Ways to improve your marketing performance in an increasingly mobile marketplace
  • Components of a mobile responsive site
  • How the Yottaa experts approach mobile optimization
  • …and more!
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