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How An eCommerce Site Scaled To 100X Traffic With Yottaa


This is a too familiar story that happens over and over again: Your marketing team executed a successful campaign and then your site crashed under the resulted 10X traffic -How disappointing?!

Not any more.

Recently one of Yottaa’s customers (an e-commerce website) executed a brilliant marketing campaign and generated 100X traffic. With Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer, the site performed flawlessly. See the graph below – site performance (Time to Interactivity) remains steady under the 100X traffic.

The reason that Yottaa can help scaling to 100X traffic is because Yottaa offloads the majority of the requests to the cloud. The graph below shows that this customer website had
2.5M hits during the peak traffic day (the typical daily hit count is on average a little above
20K), however, over
90% was shield by the Yottaa network:

Traditionally it isn’t easy to deal with the traffic spike problem – you have to set up 10X more servers in your data center in anticipation of the traffic spike and pray that you have allocated enough spare capacity… With Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer,  a global distributed cloud network with thousands of servers is just a few clicks away…

How cool is that?


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