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Hours Wasted on Slow E-commerce Pages [Infographic]

Panic is setting in for the last-minute shoppers out there, and any online e-commerce site looking to compete against the big players had better have all their ducks in a row. Most important right now is clearly communicating likely shipping times and potential roadblocks to getting gifts in the right hands before the 25th.

Speaking of good communication, what message does your site send when the page load times start to exceed the online shopping public’s increasingly speedy expectations? Not a good one.

We did a little research on e-commerce traffic between Black Friday and Green Monday to come up with this short but poignant infographic illustrating the number of hours of online shopping that were wasted due to slow e-commerce sites. It’s a pretty good-sized number.

Image Showing Yottaa-Hours-Wasted-Slow-Page-Load-Times

That’s just for the few days between Black Friday and Green Monday. We’re doing some more research and plan on expanding on this graphic early next year — sharing what we find over the entire online shopping season. We’ll keep you posted here as soon as the new research is available. Meanwhile, Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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