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Perfecting Your End User Experience to Drive Engagement

When users land on your online application, they follow one of only two initial paths: they begin to engage, or they immediately bounce. The users that bounce are frequently turned off by apps that take too long to load or landing on pages where they don’t quickly connect with the message. Some users who start on the other path become distracted along their journey and, though they were initially engaged, they lose interest. Companies need to focus on optimizing end user experience to both reduce the number of visitors who bounce, and drive engaged users further through the funnel.

Perfecting Strategies for Online Application End User Experience to Drive Engagement

The focus of an online application should always align with business goals and be obsessively focused on end-user experience. The engagement goal can be focused on any number of metrics, from increased return visits to lowered bounce rates, with conversion as the ultimate goal.

This is not a haphazard attempt to draw consumer attention, but a targeted effort where analytics and strategies are needed to improve success rates. Continual A/B testing and projecting theories is one important way to determine which elements are more successful than others for a given target audience. Some businesses can also utilize short surveys and customer feedback to improve their efforts.

Considering Content-Format for the End User

With the explosion of web-enabled devices, the online application must be responsive to a number of screen sizes, bandwidth limitations, and browsers. When the content is wrong for the device, the user will likely become a contributor to your bounce rate, rather than an engaged visitor. Part of considering the end user will be not only to consider content and application presentation, but also responsive designs that are able to work with any manner of device. Device targeting is one way that apps can target which content is shown to the user, and when, in order to send fewer data to users on weaker connections.

Driving End User Engagement

There are a number of aspects that often affect the end-user experience, including how content is presented. Users are more engaged when they are able to view content quickly and streamline their app journey. Glitches, errors, and inappropriate landing pages can be off-setting, no matter how fast an app loads or nice it looks. This, however, doesn’t take away from the fact that responsive designs specifically targeting the defined audience is important for successful online applications.

The best optimization techniques for increasing conversions can be found through consistent testing methods and feedback outlets to guide expectations and projections for applications. This allows companies to establish content automation based on data proven to improve end-user experience to drive engagement.

Testing your content delivery relates to the actual design of your application, alongside performance. Your content represents your brand, so you want to ensure that it is optimally displayed. User testing is the best way to gauge the success of your content delivery. Is the app easy to navigate? Are the product photos appealing? Is the design of your app set up for success? User testing will reveal any issues with your design that may be affecting your conversion rate, allowing you valuable insight into how you can improve your application.

By reducing design input based on intuition alone, online applications can be more effective and take less time to adjust for improved success.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider format and end-user experience with the content on specific devices
  • Consider application direction and streamline the end user’s experience
  • Build applications based on specific data testing and feedback
  • Continue to look for data that will improve end-user experience
  • Continue to test for glitches and errors that might cause higher bounce rates

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