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Updates to Page Load Video, Browser Options & Domain Data

Earlier this month we introduced our free performance testing service,  [Click here to read our blog post outlining the site’s features.]  As part of continuing improvements to our testing and monitoring service, we are pleased to announce the following updates to

Page Load Video already features screen shots of the page load process as it takes place in the test situation.  Below each image is the time elapsed since the request (in milliseconds) when the screen shot was captured.

With the new updates, you may now choose the “video” icon to see the screenshots strung together in real-time.  We hope this helps to put the screen shots into perspective, and makes it easier to “see what your users see”!

The video option is coupled with size choices to make the page load screen shots larger, allowing for better examination of exactly which of your website’s elements are appearing, and when.

New Browsers 

More browsers, more problems: with Internet users spread across dozens of versions of six major browsers, performance testing for these variables is more important than ever.  That’s why we’ve added three new browsers to choose from for multi-variate performance testing.
Firefox 7 and 12 and Internet Explorer 8 can now be tested across all of our datacenters.  The new browsers join the existing Chrome (latest), Firefox 3.6, and IE 9.

Domain and Asset Aggregation

We’ve added a new option for visualization of performance data.  Clicking “Domain and Asset Aggregation” in the Visualizations menu will bring up a version of the waterfall chart that brings together timing data from all assets of each domain.

FB assets in

This will help to identify which domains are bringing the biggest overall performance hit.  For instance, in the example above from, the three assets coming from comprise more total load time than 49 combined assets from and 26 from  This is an obvious red flag for performance!

What do YOU Think?

As always, we?d love to hear your feedback on, including suggestions for improvements to the tool.  Email us at or leave comments below!


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