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Eagle is the corporate website of Eagle Investment Systems, a technology provider for the investment management community and a subsidiary of BNY Mellon.

What the website does houses educational content and marketing materials serving clients and prospects around the world. The site was recently re-launched with a new look and new content, to coincide with Eagle’s global expansion. the firm recently opened two new offices in Asia.

Biggest website challenge

In Boston, near Eagle’s servers, loaded with stellar times of 2 seconds. Tests revealed, however, that the site was substantially slower across the U.S. and internationally, particularly in Asia where the company’s new offices are located. Some test samples reached nearly 20 seconds. The Eagle team was concerned that if the corporate website loaded that slowly, it would give visitors the wrong impression that the company’s service offering was also slow and unreliable.

Yottaa Impact

Eagle selected Yottaa Site Optimizer for web acceleration service. Yottaa applies front-end optimization metrics to the site’s content and delivers the content from the Yottaa CDN around the world.

On Yottaa, the page fully displays in just over 1 second around the world, including Asia.

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Metrics for now consistently rank in top percentiles, and the Yottaa Network offloads a majority of the site’s traffic, preventing server strain due to high traffic.

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