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Delivering Wins to Customers with Salesforce and YOTTAA

The world of partnerships can be a maze to navigate. Who do you partner with? What solutions make sense? Do you have the same ICPs? Are they a bigger company or a smaller company than your own? Last, but not least, does this partnership even make sense? There are so many “partners” out there and most partner managers are looking for their unicorn.  

But what happens when you find it? What happens when they are bigger than you are, but your solutions make sense? Is it when the ICPs align? Is it when you have a joint value prop that you, your customers, your prospects, and your partner’s reps all understand? What happens when there’s a great synergy between partner managers, and when leadership is supportive? 

That would be partnering with Salesforce. And let me explain to you why YOTTAA and Salesforce together just makes sense.  

In a world where every dollar is up for grabs and every eCommerce merchant is fighting for that dollar, performance is key. That’s why so many household names such as YETI, Bath & Body Works, and Samsonite trust Salesforce Commerce Cloud to be the backbone of their business and platform of choice. Salesforce consistently delivers a trusted foundation while also innovating at a rate that works with the merchants and their growth goals. So why do these customers also use YOTTAA? 

To have an amazing customer experience, capture as much business as possible, and keep customers coming back to your eCommerce site, you need to give them everything they want. Customers want to see product reviews. They want robust images and descriptions. They want to be able to pay with their preferred provider or to be able to pay overtime. They want to see the company’s social media profiles. They want that 10% first order discount for giving you their email address. But they want these things and a fast site. They want to transact on their mobile device seamlessly and they want pages to fly when they’re on their desktop.  

Therein lies the beauty of the YOTTAA and Salesforce partnership.  

While Salesforce gives these merchants the strong foundation they need by using the Commerce Cloud platform, they also need all those third parties on their site. Adding third parties gives customers everything they want, but sometimes acts like a speed bump in navigating the site.

This is where YOTTAA intelligently sequences those third parties so that the speed bumps are removed. YOTTAA helps images and descriptions load before the reviews of the product, payment processors load on the correct sites, such as cart and checkout pages, and ensures the customer journey is the fastest possible. A fast site means a happy customer and a happy customer is more likely to complete their transaction right then and there, rather than leave and go to a competitor.  

There’s the unicorn. The 1+1=3 partnership occurs not simply when both partners win but also delivers wins to their customers. Sometimes we overcomplicate partnerships when really, we just need to find the ones that make sense and make customers happy.