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Ask the Experts: Are eCommerce Sites Too Reliant Today on Third-Party Apps?

From site security tips to preparing for Cyber 5, our Summer Reading Series is in full gear. The holiday shopping season will be here before we know it, and YOTTAA is here to make sure you are more prepared this year than last year. How many third-party technologies are currently on your eCommerce site? That question is the crux of one of the many questions posed during our recent webinar, The Great eCommerce Third Party Debate. Read on to learn more about those same third parties, and how you can best manage them.

Third-party applications are everywhere you look. No matter the industry, when shoppers are browsing, they are bound to interact with third parties on your site. 

The question for retailers and brands, however, is whether eCommerce sites have become too reliant on these third-party applications.  

According to the viewers of our recent webinar, The Great eCommerce Third Party Debate, 73% of respondents said that yes, eCommerce is far too reliant on those same third parties 

The webinar wouldn’t be much of a debate, however, if there wasn’t some disagreement, and that’s why Andrew Leibowitz, SVP of Client Success at Astound said that no, eCommerce sites are not too reliant on third-party technologies.  

“Third-party apps bring flexibility, they bring quick time to market, they bring reduced development costs, which is really important to brands right now,” Leibowitz said. “I say no way.” 

Darin Archer, VP of Product Strategy at YOTTAA agreed with the 73% of respondents.  

“I’m answering yes for sure because most websites these days, it’s like looking at someone’s garage or closet, there’s a lot of clutter,” Archer said. “And we’ve gotten too dependent on this idea of adding innovation here, innovation there, and unless you’re stepping back and looking at the full customer experience, our websites aren’t working as well in concert as we think they are.” 


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