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Customer Success: LifeProof

LifeProof designs, manufactures and markets elegant cases for smartphones and tablets that offer protection and full functionality in water, mud, dirt, or snow. The company’s mantra is Freedom; its customers enjoy the ability to use their devices without worry about environmental constraints. The company is based in San Diego and has experienced rapid growth nationally and globally in the past year.

Recent campaigns in the space

This year, LifeProof has continued to expand its product line with new cases for Android devices, updates to its Apple cases, and a pioneering Total Water Protection program.  The business is also expanding overseas, marshaled by a new Managing Director of Europe, Mideast, and Africa.

Biggest website challenge

The biggest website challenge LifeProof faced was scaling the website infrastructure to keep up with rapid growth in website traffic.  In 2012, the team upgraded from a single server to a system with multiple web and database servers, but the change was barely sufficient. While [the new system] did solve some of our capacity issues, we started to get into the area of concern for a crash when we had a traffic spike due to a big email campaign, says Rob Roy, the eCommerce Platform Manager at LifeProof.

How LifeProof uses Yottaa   

Yottaa Site Optimizer offloads 96% of LifeProof’s traffic to the Yottaa network.  This leaves origin servers open to operate with full performance at all times, even during traffic spikes.  The risk of crashing due to heavy traffic is effectively eliminated. We went through the holiday season, and had our two biggest-ever months in November and December, and Yottaa hasn’t had a single blip, says Rob. 

Additionally, Yottaa’s front-end optimization techniques speed up the load time of pages throughout the site by 28%.  The speed gains are especially pronounced for international visitors and those on mobile devices, two major sources of traffic to the LifeProof site.


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