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New eCommerce Guide: Creating an Unbeatable Online Store

Industry Growth and Tech Advancements Offer Opportunity

The eCommerce industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the past year and has also seen a rapid increase in technology that enables better online experiences for shoppers. Chatbots, augmented reality (AR), video, and customized checkout are becoming commonplace. These changes offer great opportunity, but also make it more important than ever that brands provide a top-notch shopping experience to consumers on a site that can easily adapt to accommodate increasing volume and evolving technology. BVA’s most recent guide, Creating an Unbeatable Online Store can make sure your brand is ready to capitalize on industry growth. 

Managing Your eCommerce Site and Meeting Customer Demands

BVA, a leading digital commerce agency, has partnered with YOTTAAessential AccessibilityFindifyrewind, and bold to provide eCommerce brands with practical solutions to make their sites shopper friendly and scalable. The guide addresses site optimization, ADA compliance, security and data protection, site search, and custom checkout solutions. Hear from leading brands about how they’ve lifted conversion rates by elevating customer experience while decreasing page load times and learn how they are protecting their data and their customers’ personal identifying information (PII). 

eCommerce is growing rapidly, and savvy shoppers expect an easy shopping experience complete with the latest technology. Don’t get left behind. Make sure your eCommerce site is built on a solid foundation that will meet your customers’ demands and allow your brand to grow. Get BVA’s new guide, Creating an Unbeatable Online Store now. 


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