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Case Study: How Facebook & Google+ Can Slow Down Your Site


One of Yottaa Website Monitor users ran into some problems recently – their site has been quite slower since February. They checked into Yottaa – below is what they see for their site performance trending in the last 30 days:

Slow Website Performance In February

Slow Website Performance In February

Obviously you can see ”
Time to Interact” is significantly slower in February. The question is why? From the trending chart, if you click into details and get to see waterfall diagrams on how the page has been loaded by real browsers, they quickly found the reason:

It was caused by Facebook and Google +1 widgets.

On different days in February, both widgets had performance issues that took as long as minutes to load. Below are examples;

Facebook Widget Slowed Down Customer Site by One Minute!

Below shows how Google +1 was causing problems:

Google Plus One Slowed Down Customer Site by 23 Seconds

Surprisingly enough, we have seem plenty of data points like this among many customer websites. The other widget that we have seen similar problems frequently is Google Analytics – from time to time, it also drags down customer websites performance by as long as one minute.

Have you seen similar problems on your site?


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