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Application Performance Trends: June 7, 2015

Happy Sunday from Yottaa! We hope that you’ve had a great weekend. Have you been keeping up with all the latest application trends? In the past few weeks, we’ve published articles on how you can optimize your customer’s user experience for eCommerce. If you missed any of them there is no need to fret. They are all right here for you for your Sunday morning reading. Enjoy.


Here’s What the Top UX and Web Performance Experts Are Reading

But do you ever wonder where they get their information? Wouldn’t you love to see what the expert’s libraries look like? Lucky for you, we’ve taken a peek into what the thought leaders are reading.

In this blog article, we examine what UX thought leaders are reading for top-notch article recommendations. If you are looking for some great reading material on high-performing eCommerce applications, start here!

Think native apps are winning over mobile web experiences? Consider this

Think your mobile web experience isn’t enough? Thinking about building that native app? Think hard before you take the plunge.  Even if it seems like the argument for native apps has never been stronger, a huge segment of online businesses are still reliant on the mobile web and have seen limited success with native apps. Read on to see how this argument plays out and how the mobile web experience may be just as, or even more important than native apps.

10 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your eCommerce Website

And finally, are you having trouble with people bouncing off of your page? If so we highly recommend reading this article. There are tons of reasons why people bounce off eCommerce pages, and we want to help you to stop it. Take a look at the top 10 reasons people leave eCommerce sites and see if you need to make any changes to your application.

We hope that you enjoy this week’s articles!

If you are looking for more reading material on what you can do the improve the user experience, download our Free E-book “10 User Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use” and learn the best practices for engagement on an eCommerce application.

10 User Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use

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