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Application Performance Trends August 9, 2015

We hope you had a good weekend! Recently, we’ve experienced some exciting news with a new client, Kill Cliff, announcing significant business results on our platform. Read about Kill Cliff’s eCommerce strategy in our recent press release. Also, if you’re looking for some assistance with your mobile website speed – we’ve got you covered. We compiled expert resources and advice on both topics right here on the Yottaa blog.

Recent Application Performance Trends

6 Tips for eCommerce Success With Mobile Checkout Optimization

We’ve discovered 6 ways to maximize eCommerce success during mobile checkout. It’s important to optimize the user experience all the way through, and not stop right before checkout. Creating an easy mobile checkout for your visitors increases the number of purchases made and keeps customers coming back. Click here to read the full article.

Kill Cliff Standardizes on Yottaa to Drive Web and Mobile Engagement

The premium sports drink and protein bar company, Kill Cliff, has begun using the Yottaa platform to improve its web performance. Since implementing the system, Kill Cliff has seen significant results including 57% Improvement in Time to Start Render. See how else their conversion rates increased by reading the case study here.

3 Reasons Why Mobile Website Speed Is Critical For Generating Sales

Have you been struggling to generate sales? It could be because your mobile site speed is causing visitors to abandon not only the site but your company together. We compiled 3 reasons to show you why the speed of your mobile website is important and how to correct it. Read the full article here.

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