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Announcing Yottaa InstantON – A Breakthrough in Dynamic Web Acceleration


We’re thrilled to announce InstantON, a breakthrough feature available in Yottaa Site Optimizer. Yottaa InstantON accelerates dynamic web applications in a way that has never before been possible, resulting in dramatically faster performance for dynamic web applications.

InstantON boosts speed for every performance metric. It’s particularly effective at improving metrics like Time to Title and Time to Start Render, the first indications to the visitor that the page is on the way. Below is data showing Time to Start Render for Yottaa customer sites with Yottaa InstantON configured. Time to Start Render is the moment at which content first appears in the browser frame. from London – click here to view sample on



Wortley Group ( from Washington DC – click here to view sample on


wgss from Oregon – click here to view sample on


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These sites benefit from showing more page content earlier in the page load process, which grabs and keeps a visitor’s attention and undercuts the tendency for web users to bounce away from sites that show no progress in loading.

Modern Web Applications Are Dynamic

Traditional CDNs operate by caching static content in edge locations.  When a user requests the page, content is served from the closest location, thereby saving trips back and forth from the browser to a faraway origin server.  This more or less solves the issue of geographic latency for a large portion of web users. 

The big, stinking problem with this approach is that it only works for static content. These days most web pages are dynamically generated and thus can’t be cached. For example, e-commerce pages contain personalized information like shopping cart status, and SaaS applications return unique page content based on user data.  

As the web becomes more interactive and personalized, dynamic content is the bottleneck that CDNs do not address.

Yottaa InstantON Accelerates Dynamic Content

Based on years of experience optimizing modern web applications, we invented a set of techniques for optimizing dynamic content.  We refer to it as “InstantON”. InstantON takes content (such as a webpage), breaks it into small pieces, and caches those pieces on the Yottaa Network. When a page is requested, Yottaa delivers some pieces to the client instantly (response times typically under 200 milliseconds) while simultaneously fetching dynamic content from the origin server. Once the origin server produces the dynamic content, Yottaa delivers those pieces to the client with the intelligence to properly integrate them with the existing page. 

The result: the browser can kick off the time-consuming process of rendering the page while the dynamic pieces are still en route.  It’s simply an efficient use of time and resources.  When the dynamic content arrives, most of the page will already be rendered in the user’s browser; the browser only has to position the dynamic content in its proper location.  In all, every performance metric is positively affected by the head start provided by InstantON.


How to activate InstantON

InstantON is not activated by default for Yottaa users. To activate it, go to the Content Optimization section in your Site Optimizer dashboard.  InstantOn is at the top of the list of content optimization settings.  Click ”Enable’ to start, and ‘Save Settings’ on the following page.  You don’t need to make any changes to the default settings, but if you have any questions, please contact our support team at


We hope you see awesome results with InstantON, and please let us know what you think!

If you’re not yet a Yottaa customer and you’d like to see how fast your site could be, try it out risk free for 14 days – no credit card required.  


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