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Amazon Kindle Fire Quick Review

My Amazon Kindle Fire arrived yesterday. The future of the web is “cloud accelerated“. Kindle Fire is the first device that has this future built in. So I was eager to check it out.First of all, it is the simplest consumer electronics product I’ve bought.

Inside the box, there is the device and a power supply. No manual, no CD, and nothing else. I enjoyed the simplicity. Turn it on and it already knows who I am. The device starts by finding my WIFI and connecting to the Internet, then downloading the software from the web, install itself. Fairly straightforward process.

In a few minutes, Kindle Fire installed and configured itself. The welcome screen and quick usage guide that comes up are interesting too:

I love its form factor. It fits into one hand: much bigger than iPhone screen but much more compact than tablets such as iPad or Motorola Xoom.

Different from most other devices in the market, Kindle Fire is backed by Amazon online services. From the device, you can quick navigate to for shopping, view and purchase movies from Amazon video, get Music online and of course, books!…it is a little device for one to get stuff from the  cloud ecosystem of products, services and entertainment, in a few touches.

Now the web – the “Fire” of Kindle Fire comes from its unique browser. It is a customized browser that is designed to be “cloud accelerated”.  This is near and dear to my heart as Yottaa is all about the cloud accelerated web (see my early post,
The Future of The Web is Cloud Accelerated). I’ll post my findings about the accelerated experience on Kindle Fire in the next few weeks. Below is a photo showing the form factor of Kindle Fire and how Yottaa’s website looks on Kindle Fire browser:

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