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8 Monitoring Tips to Keep Your Site Up & Performing Well

Holiday traffic is expected to rise dramatically (>20%) this season, and sites large and small seek the competitive edge to capture as much revenue as possible. So if you’re like many WebOps, WebDev and Marketing teams, you might be asking yourself questions like these:

  • Is my site ready for the holiday rush?
  • My site visitors from NYC on IE9 browsers are complaining about site problems, but everything looks fine to my developers?What can I do?
  • What are easy ways to keep track of site issues ? user experience problems, third party tags, browser rendering slowness, network latency, server errors?
  • How do the best websites monitor and manage their site performance and availability?
  • What are the steps I can take to make my site fast and reliable, without lots of development time and money?

In this blog post, we summarize 8 best practices to help you be proactive and prevent site problems during the holiday season. And, these are also captured in our new eBook below (download it here).

Don’t let slow site performance cost you conversions.Let's Talk