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6 Top Resources for eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

What causes shoppers to abandon my site? Why are conversion rates are falling? Is my checkout page fully-optimized?

Almost every eCommerce professional has sought answers these questions. Growing a successful retail business requires a constant attention to detail – it is imperative to leverage every insight around how you can analyze and improve your platform. Below we’ve provided you with a list of great resources for optimizing eCommerce conversion rates. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing eCommerce Conversion Rates

This guide was written by Peep Laja, the founder of ConversionXL, and a self-proclaimed “Optimization Champion”. In his guide, you will find different optimization techniques such as customizing your website for ownership, creating a page specifically for items on sale, and tackling the problem of shopping cart abandonment. Peep says,

A very effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates is following up by email (Tweet This!)

The ideas listed in this article present optimization techniques that you would not find in every other blog. It is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for new ideas in how to personalize their web application.

How to TroubleShoot and Optimize eCommerce for Conversion

This article was written by author Sharon Hurley Hall, a freelance blog writer, copywriter and journalist. In her article, you will find all kinds of valuable advice that will make you think about your SEO strategy and the trusting relationship you have with your constituents. Sharon claims,

“The difference between choosing one site and another to purchase the same product isn’t just about price”. (Tweet This!)

Increasing Sales by 69% with eCommerce Conversion Optimization

This insightful blog article is brought to you by eCommerce Fuel, an organization dedicated to building profitable eCommerce web pages. Read this article and learn about putting focus on the customer’s relationship with a web page. According to eCommerce Fuel,

“Watching recordings of customers interacting with your site can offer deep insights into potential problems and areas to improve”. (Tweet This!)

Boost eCommerce Conversion Rate: 30 Best Practices and Tips

Talia Wolf, is the CEO of Conversioner, and a well-known conversion optimization advisor and speaker. In Talia’s article, you will find great optimization advice, such as using testimonials to your page’s advantage. Talia tells us,

“We tend to search and interpret information in a way that confirms our beliefs and preconception”.  (Tweet This!) 

By including testimonials, you will give your visitors a way to confirm their beliefs about a product or service, making them more likely to convert on your page. Read the article here.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Are you looking for a quick and simple fix to your eCommerce conversion rates? In the Yottaa blog article, written by our own author Brendan MacArthur, we discuss different ways you can easily boost conversion rates on your own page. One simple fix we propose is to make your eCommerce checkout more visual. By doing so, your visitors will find your page more digestible.

“You want to make your eCommerce application visual and easy for a user to understand”. (Tweet This!)

If you enjoy Brendan’s advice, look into his article 3 Online App Optimization Hacks to Increase eCommerce Conversions Rates for simple solutions to optimization challenges.

20 eCommerce Optimization Rate Guidelines

Justin Mifsud is the founder of Usability Geek. Since its creation, Usability Geek has evolved to cover a wider variety of topics such as user experience, conversion, human-computer interaction, and information architecture. This blog article also covers a wide variety of topics to look into when you are working on your application’s optimization. One tip Justin Mifsud provides is to provide your consumers with free shipping.

“It was calculated that 55% of shoppers abandon shopping carts because of shipping costs”. (Tweet This!) 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your eCommerce application optimized and your conversion rates to sky-rocket by taking some valuable tips from these resources. Optimization is more than content alone; web performance is another huge contributing factor to your eCommerce page’s success. With our Free Download, you will learn what it takes to manage a web performance optimization to help improve your pages user experience and conversion rates.

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