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3rd Parties

3rd Annual eCommerce Leaders Report Highlights Industry Investments, Trends, and Concerns

For the 3rd year in a row, YOTTAA has conducted a survey of over 120 eCommerce leaders at some of the biggest brands worldwide to gauge direction, trends, and the state of the retail industry. Over the years, priorities have shifted, concerns are growing around topics like privacy compliance and competing with Amazon, and brands are investing more and more to help their sites stand out to shoppers.

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Sneak peek: Top trends

New 3rd party technologies continue to hit the market and brands race to launch the newest features on their sites. Emerging technologies like payment plans, fast shipping, and package tracking help brands provide amazing online experiences for their shoppers, as well as help them compete with online giant, Amazon. In fact, the survey revealed that 55% of respondents spend 500K to $4M on 3rd parties each year and growing, while 20% are adding even more!

Unfortunately, shiny new features are not the end-all answer for brands. 3rd parties can actually cause a bunch of issues for site performance if they are not optimized correctly. These technology add-ons are known to account for 75% of page load times. However this year, a bigger concern is looming over brands’ heads: privacy compliance and data breaches.

Here is how the industry is responding:

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What else you’ll learn

The trends above are playing a huge role in the eCommerce industry — however they’re just the tip of the iceberg. This report also includes how top brands are:

  • Competing with Amazon
  • Using site speed to grow revenue
  • Moving away from the Google Lighthouse Score
  • Heading into a headless commerce architecture
  • And more!

Times are changing — fast. And all brands are aware that there is no time to sit back and create a “5 year plan.” The time to act is now. Read the full report to learn how the top eCommerce industry leaders are navigating, adapting — and succeeding — during the fastest growing time in eCommerce history.

Download the full report now