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Yottaa's CEXi is a compound index that quantifies the desktop and mobile user experience of a web application far more accurately than any single metric. The CEXi combines objective, measurable aspects of performance, such as page load speed from both mobile and desktop simulations, with specific weighting calculations to provide online businesses with an overall performance score that simulates the actual feeling, positive or negative, of using their web applications for a modern, cross-device user.

The Customer Experience Index focuses on three aspects of web performance: speed, parity of experience (across devices), and how well a site is optimized in relation to its complexity.

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Yottaa Products

eCommerce Acceleration Platform

eCommerce Acceleration Platform

Purpose-built to solve the performance challenges eRetailers face today, Yottaa’s eCommerce Acceleration Platform enables online businesses to significantly improve website performance across all devices resulting in higher conversions. Combining proprietary “InstantOn” technology with application sequencing and extensive 3rd party content management capabilities, Yottaa enables eCommerce sites to significantly accelerate website loading and improve end user experience resulting in dramatic online revenue increases.


InstantOn: Instantly Engage Shoppers

InstantOn allows for “instant” shopper engagement by automatically identifying, optimizing, and caching static content, while at the same time decoupling dynamic content, which Yottaa then injects into the browser once it’s available. The end result: web pages that instantly load resulting in improved end user engagement and higher conversions.

AppSequencing: Take Control of 3rd Parties

Today’s sophisticated website pages are heavy with an average of 220 calls to 80 servers for every page. Yottaa’s Application Sequencing enables eTailers to manage the order of execution for 1st and 3rd party assets and responsibly load images to make even the most visually engaging (and heavy) pages immediately interactive.

Content Transformation: All Devices, Browsers, and Networks

Yottaa’s Content Transformation provides eCommerce companies with the ability to manipulate how web page content is rendered, with no configuration or code change. By enabling eTailers to easily replace, remove, move, or insert web page elements to quickly modify page rendering, Content Transformation personalizes the performance of the shopper experience to each device, browser, location, and network. Additionally, the solution provides lazy loading, compression, and transcoding of images with a single click of a button.

Mobile Optimization: Solve the RWD Challenge

More than 50% of people shopping on your site are coming from mobile devices. However, many eTailers are finding that mobile conversions are not keeping up with traffic. One of the main friction points to solving the mobile conversion challenge is mobile load times. While Responsive Web Design (RWD), with its ability to offer one code base, better SEO rankings, and a unified shopper experience, has emerged as a potential solution to the mobile challenge, there is also a downside to RWD in terms of bandwidth and slow load speeds. Yottaa optimizes both mobile web performance and RWD by separating content and only sending the content needed for each unique device type. This accelerates mobile load times and  eliminates the RWD challenge.

ContextIntelligence: Gain Instant Knowledge About Your Shoppers

ContextIntelligence is core to Yottaa’s SaaS platform and adapts the company’s patented web technologies, such as InstantOn, AppSequencing and Content Transformation, in real-time to maximize and personalize every user’s online experience. ContextIntelligence detects and reacts to device type, screen size, browser information, and browser size prior to delivering the right content. Using Yottaa’s active feedback loops, eTailers have real-time knowledge of a users’ context during the user experience to adjust and deliver content based on the users’ specific screen size, browser information, and browser size.

Additional Capabilities


Impact Analytics

Yottaa offers a comprehensive dashboard for performance and security which includes:

  • Real-time end user and traffic analytics with integrated site acceleration and error remediation tools.
  • Utilize alerts, issue notifications & inline actions to manage by exception.


Security (Standard & Advanced)

Yottaa provides layer 4 – 7 WAF standard security and controls to limit performance and scalability impacts from aggressive or malicious traffic as part of the eCommerce Acceleration Platform. You can also increase your security protection with Yottaa’s advanced security capabilities, which includes threat scanning to detect and stop modern SQL and Java Script injection issues.


Content Delivery Network

While most clients augment their existing Content Delivery Network (CDN) with the Yottaa eCommerce Acceleration Platform, there is also an option to replace your Content Delivery Network with the Yottaa edge CDN to consolidate vendors.