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Yottaa Publishes 2019 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Performance Index

2nd Annual Index Rates The Best And Worst Performing eCommerce 3rd Parties

Waltham, MA—October 9, 2019—Yottaa, Inc., the leading cloud platform for accelerating eCommerce, today announced the publication of the latest version of the company’s index on the performance of 3rd party technologies used on online retail and brand websites. The “2019 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index” is designed to help retailers research new technologies for their sites and understand the impact 3rd parties can have on overall site performance.

The average eCommerce site today has between 40-60 3rd party technologies. While 3rd parties, such as live chat, personalization, and customer reviews, significantly enhance shopper experience, they also slow down page load times and account for 75% of site performance latency. Since slow page loads have been proven to decrease conversion and hurt shopper experience, online brands often struggle to balance engaging site features and fast performance.

The 2019 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index examines the performance impact of close to 400 of the most widely adopted 3rd parties. Data for the index was collected over the course of a month (September 2019) from over 1,500 eCommerce websites using Yottaa’s eCommerce acceleration solutions. Yottaa optimizes the loading of digital elements, such as 3rd party technologies, rich images, and other page elements. As a result, Yottaa has visibility into detailed performance data on nearly 1,000 3rd parties used on eCommerce sites. For each 3rd party technology listed in the index, a Performance Impact Rating (PIR) was created by adding the 3rd party’s performance violations and its delay page load violations together and then dividing by the number of page views of the site.

“Trustpilot’s mission is to bring people and companies together through our powerful review platform to create ever-improving online experiences,” said Peter Simpson, Global Head of Partnerships of Trustpilot, one of the 3rd party technologies ranked in the index. “As site performance is critical for creating engaging experiences we are honored that our platform was ranked as one of the fastest loading 3rd party eCommerce technologies for the second year in a row.”

Below are some of the key findings from the 2019 3rd Party Index:

  • Year-over-year analysis – Since this is the second annual publication of the index, Yottaa was able to determine which categories and technologies changed, for better or worse. One thing that did not change: the top offending categories were exactly the same as 2018.
  • Most improved 3rd parties – Following the 2018 index, some 3rd party technology vendors worked hard to improve their performance ratings. For example, TurnTo Networks’ user-generated content generation solution improved 58%. 
  • Up and comers – There were a few categories that really stood out this year in terms of either increased adoption or being a new category in the index. These categories included Customer Information Management, User Generated Content, Payment Plans, SEO Marketing, and Privacy Compliance.
  • Top 20 leaderboard – Yottaa noticed some new technologies made their way onto the index top 20 while some notable 3rd parties have completely fallen off this year’s chart. The top 20 also indicates the technology categories which are the most saturated by vendors and speak to Google’s ownership of many of the top 3rd parties.

“When we published the first eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index in 2018 we hoped that it would be well received in the market and we were excited to see it quickly become an industry benchmark for both retailers and technology vendors,” said Rich Stendardo, CEO of Yottaa. “With almost double the number of technologies rated, this year’s index serves both as a 3rd party performance index and a guide for retailers to easily discover and evaluate the top technologies across a wide range of eCommerce categories.”

Click here to download the 2019 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index.

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Leading brands such as Ann, Inc., Carter’s, Hallmark, JoAnn Fabrics, Lands’ End, Mattress Firm, Nutrisystem, Party City, and Samsonite, rely on Yottaa to accelerate and optimize the loading of 3rd party eCommerce technologies, high resolution images, and other website elements, resulting in up to 60% web performance improvements and up to 20% increases in online conversion. To learn more about how Yottaa can accelerate your eCommerce site and increase conversions, please visit or follow @yottaa on Twitter.


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