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September 21

YOTTAA Product Updates: September 2021

Service CTRL – Page Security

YOTTAA is always innovating to make our products stronger. Check out the latest product updates released this month. 

Malicious activity continues to plague eCommerce sites as more consumers make online purchases 

Over the past year, as consumers have relied more heavily on eCommerce to meet their shopping needs, malicious hackers have also increased their activity, targeting the valuable information that eCommerce sites collect about their customers.  SERVICE CTRL by YOTTA protects user data by limiting the 3rd parties that can access your site pages, which in turn helps brands to ensure privacy law compliance.  

Page security policies allow you to create rules for forms, storage, and cookies. You can block third parties from accessing specific form fields, or even block individual HTML and CSS selectors. Because checkout pages include sensitive user information, we recommend creating a stricter form protection policy for your checkout pages than for browse pages like product descriptions, categories, and home.  

Overall, page security & CSP rules have been enhanced to support flexible management and securing of site resources. This helps eCommerce sites mitigate  attack vectors like formjacking, PII theft, and session stealing. 

Infrastructure Updates & Holiday Planning 

As we approach Cyber 5, it is crucial to provide the necessary infrastructure support for increased traffic, and also manage resiliency and fault tolerance capability. Make sure your brand completes the following checklist for 100% operational excellency: 

  • Update and patch systems to prevent systems to keep them from being compromised 
  • Make consistent necessary changes to improve performance 
  • Perform testing at various levels to keep the system operational
  • 24/7 monitoring of all systems

With proper planning and the right security tools, your eCommerce site will be safe and secure, protecting your customers’ data and your brand’s reputation. 

To learn more about SERVICE CTRL and get a free security snapshot of your site, click HERE.