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SERVICE CTRL is an easy-to-install, robust eCommerce governance solution to control all browser services on your site. Combining Yottaa’s ability to take control over how a page loads and our rich knowledge of 3rd parties and other services, SERVICE CTRL enables brands to control when and where all services are being executed, including 3rd parties and internal services you intend to have on site, as well as services that are not welcome and should be blocked.

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Do you have control over ALL the services executing on your site?

Online brands today don’t have control over all the 3rd party services on their sites. For example, Chrome extensions and other add on technologies are often loaded and executed on a site with little or no knowledge across the brand. This results in negative outcomes:

Data Risk

Shopper data being taken over by bad actors putting you at risk of privacy non-compliance or front page headlines.

Governance & Visibility

IT has little or no control over when 3rd party services are executed and on what pages they should be executed.

Lost Revenue

The cost of a data breach and loss of PII is immense. Protect your bottom line.

How does SERVICE CTRL work?

SERVICE CTRL is an easy-to-install eCommerce site governance technology that enables online brands to control the execution of all 3rd parties and other services on their sites. Once SERVICE CTRL is deployed on a site and configured to meet your needs YOTTAA’s technology takes control over when and where all services load on the site. This enables brands to add a layer of security to enhance their overall security posture, provide better customer experiences, and support compliance with internal and external policies, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Key features include:

  • Ability to control when and where services are allowed to execute, determine service restrictions, and stop unwanted services.
  • Secure site forms to ensure shopper data being entered at account setup or checkout is not compromised.
  • Expanded 3rd party inventory to allow brands to gain visibility into all services (1st through 5th party) that are executing on their site.
  • A service access tool to support your CCPA/GDPR compliance initiatives
  • Deep visibility into your site through YOTTAA’s comprehensive dashboards and 3rd party knowledgebase.
  • Service-related alerts based on machine learning and AI.
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