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Yottaa Launches Website Performance APIs For All!

Today is an exciting day at Yottaa. We’re announcing the launch of three – yep, three! – new APIs. These APIs provide developers and partners with access to our massive amounts of web performance data, and support integration of Yottaa with all kinds of web applications.

Yottaa User API documentation screenshot

Every day, our “YoBots” (real browsers in the cloud) collect detailed performance metrics for over 70,000 websites, from locations all around the globe.  That means TONS of highly-valuable data on how websites perform. (It’s literally hundreds of gigabytes per day.)  Since we are big supporters of open data and open applications, we came up with some new ways for developers easily and efficiently to access website performance data and to interact with Yottaa accounts.

Which API is for you?

The Partner APIUser API, and Public API collectively support a very broad range of uses.

With the Partner API, Yottaa’s business and alliance partners (such as Acquia and hosting companies that run cPanel) are now able to provision new Yottaa accounts on behalf of their clients. They can then immediately pull website performance metrics (e.g. page load time) for their customers’ sites into their applications and control panels.

The User API provides developers of 3rd party apps and dashboards with programmatic access to individual Yottaa user accounts (via OAuth) in order to integrate all kinds of Yottaa functionality. We can’t wait to see the creative uses developers come up with for it.

The Public API is for any and all developers to access Yottaa’s public data, which includes free site speed tests, public benchmarks, and other reports.


JSON, REST, Documentation: We built these APIs the way we like them

Our APIs use the latest methods to help you consume our rich data. They’re RESTful and use standard authentication schemes appropriate to their use.  They all support JSON responses.  They are straightforward and clearly documented.  If you can’t tell already, we really like providing easy access to our data.

“So What”? — How to Use Yottaa’s Data

Yottaa’s rich data can tell a lot about a website.  Some users can find benefits in publishing the data through a customized dashboard for others to look at and interact with.  Some users will go a step further and integrate performance statistics from websites into their Business Intelligence (BI) tools.  This can provide increased visibility and help teams tie website operations data to business metrics.  Yottaa’s live website performance data can also be used to jump-start DevOps projects, be they for testing a new system or seeing early warning signs of issues with existing systems.  We look forward to seeing developers and users get creative to leverage the huge resources we’ve created!

The Next Step

If you’re not already a Yottaa customer, create a free account with Yottaa to gain immediate self-service access to the Public and User APIs. You can read all the API documentation here (with code samples):

    • Public API documentation

Finally, if you’re interested in becoming a partner, or just want to learn more about how Yottaa works with companies to make their websites faster, visit our partner page or email

We look forward to your comments and questions!

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