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Measuring a CDN’s Business Impact

The content delivery network (CDN) has been a staple in the technology stack of the modern business for more than 15 years. Over this time period, the Internet has evolved and barely resemble the web of the early 2000’s. This begs the question: has the content delivery network been able to keep pace?

Not All CDNs Are Created Equal

Rapid Internet growth has undoubtedly complicated content delivery. Early CDNs pre-dated the mobile era. Today, mobile users outnumber those on desktop and mobile web share continues to skyrocket. Additionally, web and mobile applications are now larger and more complex than ever. Current average page weight is 2MB, a 100% increase in size from a few short years ago. Much of this added bulk represents dynamic page assets and 3rd party widgets. These factors, and others, have contributed to the counter-intuitive truth that the Internet is getting slower.

Slow load times and poor user experiences have made content delivery networks more essential than ever. However, not all CDNs are created equal, and many content delivery solutions have failed to modern challenges.

For business and technology leaders, it is imperative to identify which performance tools can deliver rich, personalized experiences to end users. A top-tier solution will unify and automate performance initiatives. It should also provide a means to link IT efforts with areas critical to business performance.

Measuring the Business Impact of a CDN

Yottaa has assembled a panel of eCommerce & technology thought leaders to tackle this unique challenge. In an upcoming webinar, they will cover how to verify the immediate and long-term business value of your CDN and other web performance optimization investments.

Please join us on Wednesday, June 17 for this event – Measuring the Business Impact of a CDN.

The Panelists:

  • Tom Large, Deputy CISO, and VP of Information Systems, Prudential Financial
  • Tracy Corbo, Principal Research Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates
  • George White, SVP, Innovation, Cantina Consulting
  • Ari Weil, Vice President of Product Marketing, Yottaa

Wednesday, June 17
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET

Register Now: Measuring the Business Impact of Your CDN

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