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New Yottaa Features 2020

Top New Product Features of 2020

While 2020 has been a historic and challenging year for us all, YOTTAA was able to make massive strides in our product launches and feature updates. Check out some of the major enhancements we made in 2020 that will help improve your site performance:

1. Service Flow

Do you know exactly where you should be focusing when it comes to site optimization? Considering 75% of page load time is attributed to 3rd party technologies, that’s a great place to start. One of our new eCommerce tech features,  Service Flow, enables you to see an aggregated view of all services, or 3rd parties, on your site and how they are impacting page performance. 

By showing a waterfall view of how all 3rd parties load on your site, you can drill down to see details about each 3rd party, including:

  • The order the services are executing
  • How much time you will save your customers if you sequence it
  • How many violations the 3rd party causes
  • How 3rd parties perform across the industry through the performance impact rating (PIR)

Having this visibility and control into exactly how your 3rd parties are loading on your site gives brands a huge opportunity to make adjustments to improve site performance. Want to learn more? Check out this detailed Tech Talk video on Service Flow, how it works, and its benefits.


With the dramatic increase in eCommerce traffic over the past year, security threats have grown as well, with new ones developing on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a point of vulnerability can be the services and 3rd parties running across your site — especially if they have access to shopper data. Considering many brands aren’t even aware of all 3rd party services they have, it can be hard to keep tabs on which services are collecting which data, and which ones may be more susceptible to hijacking. 

In circumstances where malicious code evades other safeguards and gets on to your site, a CSP (Content Security Policy) can block that code from sending any information to a domain that is not whitelisted. This zero-trust policy approach results in blocking anything that’s not listed as part of the CSP policy. Continuous fine-tune scrubbing of requests will give you constant and full visibility into what’s happening on your site, even if the hijacking is going through a whitelisted service.

Yottaa’s Service CTRL can help you take back control of all services executing on your site, even if they were added unknowingly or maliciously. 

Service CTRL gives you control by:

  • Understanding which services are executing where and when
  • Blocking ALL services from your site except for the ones you specifically allow
  • Providing form protection so that you can keep your customers’ personal and financial info secure

Service CTRL

While these types of security threats will never go away, with Service CTRL, none of them can access your site.

3. Shopify Page Speed Accelerator

Merchants on the Shopify platform can now add Yottaa’s Page Speed Accelerator app to their sites through the Shopify App Marketplace. 

Shopify Page Speed

By doing so, these Shopify brands can gain deep visibility into their site’s performance through Yottaa’s free analytics, and can instantly start speeding up their site by upgrading in 1-click through the app. This product offering includes automatically-added site configurations and page categories so that brands can start using Page Speed Accelerator with minimal setup time once they upgrade. We also have product tours to help guide new users through the portal. 

4. Aggregated Performance Data

A huge differentiator for YOTTAA products is the amount of data and analytics we are able to provide eCommerce brands. To give you even more insight into your site’s performance, we have added multiple new dashboards: 

Traffic dashboard –

Shows you where your site traffic is coming from based on device and browser. 

Anomaly dashboard –

Helps you investigate spikes or drops in your site performance metrics. 

Performance dashboard – 

Allows you to dig in to site performance metrics such as on-load time, first byte time, and domain lookup time.

Aggregated Performance Data

With all this data in one place, you can easily understand your site’s performance at a glance.

5. Conversion Insights

When it comes to online shopping, it’s no secret that if your site takes too long to load shoppers will leave without buying, lowering your site’s overall conversion rate.

Because YOTTAA helps over 1,500 eCommerce sites improve page speed and overall site performance, we have seen first-hand that conversion rate increases when sites become faster.

This year, YOTTAA brought the conversion evidence we achieved in trials into Yottaa’s portal analytics to provide insight and evidence on just how much site speed impacts conversion rates. As a result of our findings, we have added this data to our Shopify product offering. Now Shopify Speed Analytics users can see how their site compares to others when it comes to speed and conversion. 

Conversion Insights

To learn more about what we’ve found regarding conversion insights, check out this blog or explore our site.

6. Support for Let’s Encrypt

Up-to-date SSL Certificates are important because they show that your site is encrypted/safe.

For YOTTAA customers who want more ease in not having to maintain their SSL certificates, YOTTAA now provides them using Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt manages SSL certificates by providing the ability to auto-renew certificates after 90 day expiration without direct involvement with our client services and allowing less maintenance on the customer’s end.

Automating services like these help our customers move fast through necessary steps so they can get back to speeding up their sites!

7. Product Documentation and Tours

YOTTAA prides itself on making things as easy and seamless for our customers as possible. One way we have improved this over the last year is that we created a new product documentation site.

Product Doc and Tours

Here, you can easily search for topics, scan through our table of contents, and click on links to related articles and step-by-step guides. We also added in-app tours and links to help topics that correspond with the page you are viewing. For users who are new to RAPID CTRL, we have a step-by-step Getting Started Guide

Always growing 

Enhancing and adding to our tech stack is a never-ending job. With over 15 patents and a continuing commitment to innovation, YOTTAA’s mission is to help brands improve shopper experience and increase conversions through fast, consistent, and secure sites.

Leading retail brands, such as LOFT, Ralph Lauren, Carter’s, Lenovo, e.l.f. Cosmetics, GNC, and Allbirds rely on YOTTAA’s solutions to accelerate and optimize their sites, resulting in up to 40% web performance improvements and up to 20% increases in online conversion. 

Learn how you can benefit from our new product enhancements today by starting with a Free eCommerce Performance Snapshot.