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Here’s What the Top UX and Web Performance Experts Are Reading

In order for an eCommerce organization to succeed today, it must focus on web performance and end user experience. To get a better idea of good reading material on these subjects, let’s go to the thought leaders and see where they find the latest information on web performance and user experience trends.

Web Performance and User Experience Article Recommendations

Lara’s Favorite #UX Resources

user experience

Lara Swanson is the Senior Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy and the author of “Designing for Performance.”  One of her recent articles, “Web Performance is User Experience,” includes tons of informative resources on user experience and how web performance relates to customer experience. Last year, Lara gave a keynote speech at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference on mobile web performance. You can watch her speech here.

Why Web Performance Matters: Is Your Site Driving Customers Away?

  • This white paper is a great resource that displays how web performance is greatly important to user experience. In the article, you will find how optimized performance increases business value, and how real insight is more urgent than it ever has been. So, if you are looking to improve your business, maybe it is time to start thinking more about web performance optimization.

Cranking Up the Speed of DFA Leads to Better Mobile Ad Performance

  • Lara highlighted this article to show the importance of page speed to user experience. Page speed is a major factor in how users perceive their online experience. Image Source:

User Experience Leah’s Expert Advice on User Experience

Leah Buley is a Forrester Research Analyst who frequently blogs and gives webinars on the elements of a great user experience. Prior to being a Research Analyst for Forrester, Leah worked as a design strategist at Intuit, and as an experience design lead at Adaptive Path, which she describes as a “pioneering user experience design consultancy”. Leah’s library is an excellent resource for insight into user experience strategy.

4 Tips For Cultivating Design Leadership At Big Companies

  • This article is aimed at designers but talks a lot about how web design can have a huge business impact and how design can be a shareable story. The article also discusses how designers should always continue learning and make professional development a priority.

Customer experience: The natural ally for UX in business

  • To quote Leah’s Twitter “Yes! @BogieZero’s”#CX: The natural ally for #UX in business is a must read”. This blog article was written by Peter Bogaards. The article addresses the relationship between user experience and customer experience. It also describes how user experience designers can further their influence on a business. Image Source:

Arnaudlrx Shares His Favorite User Experience Articles

User Experience

Arnaud Le Roux is the Co-Founder of YouI. He has an extensive design background and is a user experience designer with a focus on creating unique online experiences that users enjoy. On Twitter, Arnaud has roughly 18K followers. He shares great reading materials on user experience and web design. See the two articles that he recently shared describing how to improve user experience.

3 Ways Friction Can Improve Your UX

  • This blog article presents the idea that friction within user experiences may actually be helpful for improvement and is written by Dina Chaiffetz of the Invision app. The article describes friction not as a bad thing, but as something that gives users the feeling of accomplishment – an interesting new take on UX.

You Can’t Fix the UX Without Fixing Everything

  • This Medium article that Arnaud shared gives insight into the idea that everything in your business can affect user experience. This blog covers ways to fix user experience by fixing everything else. It goes on to talk about stepping out of your comfort zone and not be afraid to try something new to boost your business.  Image Source:

Now that you have been given a ton of new reading material, it’s time to get busy working on your user experience and web performance strategies. If you haven’t had enough, and you are still looking for more expert advice try our Free Ebook to get a jump on your web performance strategy. 

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