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Optimize End-User Experiences to Improve Marketing Strategy

The end-user experience of your website is exactly that: a combination of elements that go into creating an experience that users receive when they log onto your website. Your site can have all of the features in the world and every last bit of information potential customers need. However, if it isn’t presented in the best possible package through your decision to optimize end-user experiences, you ultimately won’t see the types of results that you’re looking for. Optimizing end-user experiences is something that you can easily do in a number of important ways.

Optimize end-user experiences for better content delivery

One of the most important aspects of the end-user experience is speed. If your page takes longer than a few seconds to load, make no mistake: people are going to ignore your marketing strategy and look elsewhere for the information they were after.

Look at a site like Facebook as a prime example of this concept in action. Even though the site is used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, the site itself still loads even the slowest browsers in just a few quick seconds.  Facebook employs a novel system of caching that displays the visual structure of the web app near-instantly, while the dynamic timeline content is still on its way. This keeps people engaged, which keeps them on the site and improves long-term engagement.

Improving the speed of your site can improve the total amount of time spent on your site, improve bounce rate, and will have positive effects on other metrics that will all go a long way towards improving your marketing strategy.

Create a shareable experience

Identification is an important quality of the end-user experience because it gives you the ability to communicate your brand persona to others. To accomplish this goal through the optimization process, you need to give end-users the ability to express themselves without ever leaving your site.  If you build the ability to share into your site, you’ll be generating higher amounts of traffic as people pass your content naturally around the Internet. Users don’t want to have to manually build a link themselves to share their content on Facebook as it takes too long. If you provide them with a simple button to click to accomplish the same thing, however, they’re much more likely to engage in that type of activity and generate new traffic and lead opportunities as a result.

Personalize their visit

Content personalization is another way to create a personal experience for end-users. Amazon is a great example of this strategy. When you log back into their application, you are greeted with a list of products that you may like, based on your past shopping habits. Tailoring an end user’s experience on your application based on their previous interactions will create a lasting impression and emotional connection for them. Offering personalized content (“Hey Tina, thanks for visiting us again!”), custom shopping suggestions and other behavioral-based content will impress your end-users and keep them coming back to your online application.

Optimization is important

Nothing on your website ultimately matters if you have not made the decision to optimize end-user experiences. People tend to get frustrated quickly when websites don’t present the information that they are after in the easiest possible way. By optimizing for these end-user experiences, you’re creating a page that will not only be pleasant for the types of people who you’re trying to connect with, but that will also be rewarding for years to come.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the most important attributes of your site is the end-user experience. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
  • An optimized end-user experience gives your content the ability to stick with potential customers.
  • An optimized end-user experience may very well be the last piece of the content marketing puzzle that your organization has yet to achieve in any type of meaningful way.

Source: Smashing Magazine

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