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Sneak Peek: eCommerce Core Web Vitals Dashboard

Over the past 6 months, we have been hard at work developing a means for eCommerce brands to truly understand and manage Google’s Core Web Vitals. Because of YOTTAA’s complex data capabilities, we have launched the ultimate Web Vitals dashboard for eCommerce. Not only does it enable brands to better understand and monitor important shopper experience metrics like Web Vitals, but it also helps to breakdown data, identify trends, and make adjustments for improvement.  

Below are some benefits of optimizing your Web Vitals: 

  • Optimizing the Web Vitals metrics on your site will improve SEO rankings and help with customer acquisition. 
  • Good Web Vitals metrics will result in faster site performance and better online shopper experiences. 
  • Faster page loads equal higher conversion. Maintaining good Web Vitals metrics will help boost online revenue. 

In the recent edition of eCommerce Tech Talks, Bob Buffone, CTO & Co Founder of YOTTAA, walks the audience through a technical deep dive of our new Web Vitals Dashboard, helping brands learn, discover, and optimize everything to do with Google’s Web Vitals and site performance. Check out the quick video clips below for a sneak peek, or watch the full Tech Talk here. 

What YOTTAA is working on

Learn the background of the Web Vitals Dashboard and why it’s so important. 

Core Web Vitals Breakdown 

What are “Core Web Vitals” and what do they mean? 

 Core Web Vitals Dashboard 

Get an inside look at our Web Vitals Dashboard.  

Trending Data 

Learn what data and trends can been pulled from the Web Vitals Dashboard. 

Trending Data Breakdown 

See first-hand how this dashboard can slice and dice the data you need to improve your Web Vitals. 

What’s Next? 

Of course, this is just the beginning. Learn about the upcoming features YOTTAA is working on to advance the Web Vitals Dashboard even further.  

Like what you see? Want to see the current Core Web Vitals metrics for your site? Get your Free Core Web Vitals Snapshot Report today!