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7 Content Generation Techniques Used By Authorized Resellers

Article courtesy of Elli Bishop from BusinessBee.

Authorized resellers provide products from major brands at affordable prices. Those who shop online will often look for brand name products being sold by resellers to find cheaper prices, but smart shoppers will only buy from resellers they can trust.

In order to make their name a trustworthy option for online shoppers, resellers have to raise awareness. This can be accomplished through quality content generation with blogs, social media, online advertisements, and more. Companies like Amazon and Etsy have effectively established their names by marketing through content generation.

Here are seven things we can learn about content generation from successful, recognized resellers who have made a name for themselves.

1. Customer Involvement – Zappos


One way a company can get people interested in their brand is by providing them with content to interact with. If consumers feel like they are involved or can interact with a company they may be more likely to trust them.

Zappos is an online reseller of shoes and clothing that has established itself as customer friendly by engaging readers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Zappos trusts when customers feel involved in their community they will turn to them first when making online purchases

2. Spotlight Community – Etsy


Customers can better relate to a company that has personality. If consumers see the people behind the product they can feel more comfortable and trusting of their services.

Etsy maintains a blog that promotes their online community by spotlighting a variety of shops on their site. Customers get to see the individuals who work on the crafts they buy and the shopkeepers get publicity. Having a passionate community can make a brand more approachable and interesting.

3. Educating Content – SatelliteTV

Often the products a company sells require background or explanation for customers to fully understand their advantages. Educating consumers about the functionality and importance of a product can increase their interest and convert them into customers.

SatelliteTV raises awareness of their services by consistently providing informative articles on their resource page and blog. Helpful guides allow readers to see how to install products or use them to their full capacity. Some content even compares pricing and packages offered so customers can see how their services best match their needs.

4. Personalized Recommendations – Amazon

Many online resellers have a wide variety of products that appeal to many audiences. In order to get the right products advertised to the right people companies can use personalized recommendations, which promote products to customers based on their interests.

Amazon is one of the most prominent companies who use personalized recommendations to drive customers to their site. They advertise products to customers based on their search history and shopping habits. This strategy allows for audiences to see what Amazon can offer them on a personalized level.

5. Trending Content – Gilt


Just like expired food, readers won’t want to consume anything out of date. If a company can create up to date and consistent content, they are more likely to capture reader’s attention.

Fashion may change, but the topic will never go out of style and Gilt takes advantage of that. By posting content to their blog that is concurrent with what is happening in the world, they drive traffic to their site and connect their brand with what is trending. Gilt takes advantage of major events and celebrity gossip to ensure their content matches what is currently searched.

6. Feature Articles – YourLocalSecurity

In order to reach key publics and maximize visibility, content can be created that covers a wide variety of topics surrounding a product. Consumers that fit in a reseller’s key public will find that content and be directed to their website.

Home security reseller YourLocalSecurity creates content that references their brand in articles on a wide variety of subjects, from guard dogs to disaster preparation. This increases their visibility in online searches and their embedded links boost traffic to their site.

7. Promotions and Deals – Piperlime


Shoppers are always looking for cheaper ways to get the products they want. Consistently informing customers about deals on products or promotional opportunities can improve chances they will return.

Piperlime creates content that emphasizes their daily deals on footwear and apparel. If customers see the consistency with which they provide money saving opportunities, they are more likely to become frequent visitors to their website.

How else can content generation be used by online resellers to promote their brand?

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