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Product Update: Visual Trending of Site Availability (Uptime)

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Yottaa Monitors trending graph plots any and all of our user experience and content complexity metrics over time.  That way users can spot trends in page load time as well as changes in the content of their site. Data points may represent monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly averages, as well as raw samples.

In the most recent version of Yottaa Monitor we?ve added to the trending graph the option to chart site availability over time.  For each data point the percentage of monitoring hits that returned a positive response are charted.  This allows users to see when site downtime coincides with trends in other site performance metrics.

Note: Since Yottaa Monitor presents Availability as a percentage, plotting raw samples is not possible.  Monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly averages are all available as options when plotting uptime.

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