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Yottaa Milestone: Over 30,000 Websites Being Monitored For Site Speed

Yottaa’s Web Performance Monitoring Proves to be Popular Among Web Professionals

Cambridge, Mass. ( PRWEB ) March 29, 2011 — Yottaa, Inc., a provider of innovative cloud services which deliver website acceleration and Web performance monitoring, today announced that a significant milestone has been achieved: over 30,000 websites are now being monitored for performance by Yottaa. Yottaa’s web performance monitoring service, Yottaa InsightTM, was launched in September 2010. Since then, thousands of users have configured the service to monitor over 30,000 domains.

The Yottaa Insight Web performance monitoring service enables Web developers, architects and site owners to assess the performance of their websites. With the free service they are able to assess their websites’ user experience through Yottaa?s cloud-based global monitoring network. This cloud network runs real Web browsers to capture the real user experience and related performance metrics about the websites being monitored. Website owners are also able to benchmark their sites against their competitors? websites. These assessments and benchmarks are valuable in determining opportunities for web performance optimization.

“At PBWorks, we have used many different services for assessing and monitoring site speed. Yottaa’s website monitoring service has proven extremely valuable, enabling us to assess the performance and availability of our web properties from all over the world. Yottaa’s service quickly highlighted a problem with DNS resolution from Asia, something which was not detected by our DNS service provider nor any of the other fee-based monitoring services we utilize. Yottaa’s monitoring solution may still be in beta, however this free service is already proving more valuable than other popular and expensive monitoring tools,” said David Weekly, Founder and Chairman of PBWorks,Inc.

Yottaa’s CEO and Co-Founder Coach Wei said, “We are extremely pleased with the market acceptance and the feedback we are getting. Having more than 30,000 domains being monitored by our cloud-based systems is beyond our original projections. Web professionals know that faster websites deliver more leads, more revenue and improve key business metrics like bounce rates, time on site and pages per visit.?

Yottaa’s Web performance monitoring solution is the first service the company has launched. It fulfills a clear need for website and application owners: a consistent and robust mechanism for assessing site speed across geographical areas. Key data points included with the service include “Time to First Paint” (which indicates how long it takes for the Web browser to begin displaying something on the user?s screen), “Time to Interact” (indicating the time it takes the page to become responsive), and Yottaa ScoreTM (which is Yottaa’s assessment of a website’s overall performance from an end user’s perspective, made possible by harnessing the vast amount of data Yottaa has collected from 30,000 websites).

To test your site speed, analyze its performance and benchmark the speed of your competition’s websites, visit  and try our easy to use monitoring service.

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